Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rubber Duckie

Rubber duckie, you're the one! You make bath time lots of fun! Rubber duckie I'm so awfully fond of you!
Ok, I admit it! I like rubber ducks! What's not to like about them? They are cute, and yellow, and make me smile! Do you remember the Rubber Duckie song that Ernie from Sesame Street sang? Well, that song made rubber duckies very popular. Until then they were just yellow rubber ducks, just an inexpensive toy that nobody paid a whole lot of attention to, but after that song became popular they were never quite the same again. A lot of people started to collect rubber ducks and so many variations of the original rubber duckie began to appear. There are bride and groom ducks, devil ducks, reindeer ducks, duckies with sunglasses, duck soap dishes, duck slippers, duck robes, duckie costumes, you name it! Personally, I like the simple plain ones.

If you are a rubber duckie fan you might like these cool Ked's shoes with rubber ducks available at Custom_Shoes ! Check these out, they are just way too cute!

Rubber Ducky Keds Women's Shoes kedsshoe

Rubber Ducky Keds Women's Shoes
by Custom_Shoes

They also have them in children's sizes!

Rubber Ducky Kid's Shoes kedsshoe

Rubber Ducky Kid's Shoes

I decided to check out "rubber duckie" on wikipedia. I found a little trivia about rubber duckies that I found interesting and decided to pass it along.
During a Pacific storm on January 10, 1992, three 40-foot containers holding 30,000 Friendly Floatees plastic bath toys from a Chinese factory were washed off a ship. Two-thirds of the ducks floated south and landed three months later on the shores of Indonesia, Australia, and South America. The remaining 10,000 ducks headed north to Alaska and then completed a full circle back near Japan, caught up in the North Pacific Gyre current as the so called Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Many of the ducks then entered the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia and were trapped in the Arctic ice. They moved through the ice at a rate of one mile per day, and in 2000 they were sighted in the North Atlantic. The movement of the ducks had been monitored by American oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer. *taken from*
Kind of interesting isn't it?


Anonymous said...

k. rubber duckies r awesome. I am telling my frineds about thsi website! uz de one!

sam said...

OMG I LUV THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111