Friday, October 31, 2008

Zazzle has real embroidery!

Wow, and wow again! Zazzle just came out with real embroidery! It's beautiful so far as I can tell, although I admit to not yet seeing it in person. I've been playing around with simple text designs so far though and I am sure this is going to be of great interest to so many people who are looking for quality, customizable, embroidered items. So far I have created some bride, future bride, and groom items with several monogram initial tote bags, hoodies, and hats. This embroidery is amazing and you can even watch a little video demonstration of the design being embroidered. Not only did Zazzle come out with this awesome embroidery, they also added a whole lot of new products at the same time including many different hoodie styles, polo shirts, new tote bags, and more! Take a look at my Weddings Are Us gallery and see some of the new text embroidered bride and groom hoodies, hats, and tote bags I've added to my gallery. I'm so excited about this embroidery as I have had so many future brides email me to ask if we have embroidery and I can finally say "why yes we do!". So if you are a future bride, bride, maid of honor or friend looking for monogram initial tote bags, an embroidered text bridal hoodie, or other embroidery item we have what you are looking for at Weddings Are Us!

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