Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday Night Date Recap

I had a date last Friday night. He's kind of short, but he has a great smile. His manners need some working on, but he is a great conversationalist. He's a really good cook, or perhaps I should say baker. He's funny and fun to be with, and he adores me like not too many people do. My date for the evening was my four and 1/2 year old grandson, and we spent Friday night having a cupcake bake off!
Now, like most four year olds, he loves cake and candy. Did I say love? I mean he LOVESSSSS cake and candy! And like most four year olds, he's not allowed to have either very often. Mommy and Daddy limit the treats and dole it out as though it were gold, so the idea of heading over to grandma's house without mommy and daddy present had to be elation and excitement to the max! First, he knows that grandma will probably not limit how many candies he can put on a cupcake. (I know, bad grandma slap slap!) He also knew that he'd get to eat a cupcake full of these delectable candies. So... this smart little four year old put two and two together and realized that to maximize his cupcake and candy fill, he needed to load on the candies! Which he did. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you cannot fit a half pound of candy on a single cupcake. Any four year old will prove you wrong!
About midway through the big cupcake bakeoff we couldn't take it any longer. I poured two cups of milk and we sat together each eating a cupcake, his with a half pound of candy, mine with two sixlets and three skittles of various colors. It's the best Friday night date I've had in years.
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