Thursday, October 02, 2008

Big, Little, Brother, Sister

My grandson is a big brother. He's a pretty good big brother and I've noticed just recently that he's starting to show a few signs of jealousy for the very first time since his sister's birth over a year ago. I guess in a way it's not that uncommon for it to surface so much later. After all, it's just now that she's starting to get into his things!
When his baby sister was born, he painted her a wooden star wand in a combination of purple and pink swirls. It's actually very cute, and it's displayed in her bedroom. He drove to the hospital with his grandpa and myself as soon as she was born and he arrived looking very proud wearing his big brother T-shirt. There are so many cute, cute, cute big brother, big sister, little brother, and little sister T-shirt designs out there now to choose from. I was looking around some shops today and found a couple at Wolffie's Cowpie Creek that I just love! Here's one that I think is just adorable for the little sister!
What I really love about this design is that the baby has one tooth. How cute is that?! It so reminds me of my little granddaughter now, just a bit of hair and not much in the tooth department either, but so unbelievably cute regardless! After seeing this cute shirt at Cowpie Creek I had to see what else they had in the line of big brother, big sister, little brother, little sis T-shirts. I found one that I have to admit I like better than the one I got for my grandson when his sister was born. Here it is!
Colorful, cute, bright, cheery, it's perfect for the big brother! Maybe I'll get it one day, after all, he'll always be the big brother!

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