Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beauty is a Light Switch Away

If you've been reading any of my twitter posts in the past couple of months you probably noticed that I have been doing a lot of walking on my treadmill. I got my treadmill soon after I moved here which is close to a year now, and I walked on it quite a bit for the first couple of months, but then got so busy with work (ok, yea, I know, excuses!) that I sorta quit doing it this spring. But I started up again a couple of months ago, well, actually it was about mid July I think so it's been about three months that I've been trying to walk on it every day, but of course there are days I miss for whatever reason. I try for one of those reasons NOT to be because I just didn't feel like it or I felt too lazy to.
My daughter told me tonight that she read somewhere that Lance Armstrong was asked about his training and what he did on the days it rained. His reply was something along the lines of "I put on my raincoat and go". NO excuses. He didn't say "oh well, on those days I just skip" or some such thing. No. He has no excuses. It made me think how easy it is to make excuses. I was too busy. I had to work. I had a headache, was too lazy, too tired, had somewhere I had to be, my toe was sore, my foot was sore, my knee was sore. Not anymore. For the past three months I have missed very few days and the times I did miss, I really did have a good reason (notice I said reason, not excuse? lol).
I have found that the more I walk, the more I want to lose I imagine myself being slender and gorgeous, and then I remember that I'm now over 50 and if I ever do get slender, I certainly won't be gorgeous. I'll take the slender! Gravity and mother nature can be brutal on a girl! I saw these funny T-shirts at SagArt T-shirts and Gifts that cracked me up and had to share them with you.

Lousy Beautician T-Shirt shirt

Lousy Beautician T-Shirt
by sagart1952

Instant Beauty T-Shirt shirt

Instant Beauty T-Shirt
by sagart1952

So if you're looking for humor T-shirts, you know you can find them at SagArt T-shirts and Gifts which is a proud member of Union Eight .

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