Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here Again, Gone Again

When my niece was here yesterday with her twin babies, we did a bit of shopping. Well, we tried to do some shopping I should say. We struck out however. She wanted to check the stores here as the shopping where she lives is rather horrendous ie no choice of stores, and there was a couple items she hasn't had luck in finding. One of the items was a baby ring, the kind you put a baby sitting inside of while in the bathtub. The other item was a size 12 month snowsuit for each of the twins. No problem I said! First we went to Kohls and I was pretty confident they'd have what she was looking for. I was surprised they didn't have either item. Seeing we were already at the mall I suggested we try Younkers and JCPenney, confident we would at least find the snowsuit. Again, no such luck. There was lots of fleecy snowsuits in a size 6-9 months, snowsuits that started in a size 24 months, jackets, etc, but no actual snowsuits in a size 12 months. I was really surprised that nobody carried them. And she had already tried her local wally world so we didn't bother even going there.
As we were walking through Kohls I found it rather funny for some reason to walk first by displays of Halloween candles, towels, placemats, etc, and then immediately after walk past turkeys and fall harvest items for Thanksgiving, and then right on to the Christmas ornaments, lit up trees, and other Christmas holiday decor. It took me a few seconds to go from holiday to holiday. Now it got me to thinking just how fast that time does fly between the holidays in real time. It seems to me that once Halloween arrives, I blink my eyes and it's Thanksgiving, blink again and it's Christmas. And so I started thinking more seriously about Christmas, and presents for loved ones.
If you have someone on your holiday gift list that loves to cook and has a great sense of humor, may I suggest to you some of the funniest aprons I've seen available at Cowpie Creek which is a member of Union Eight !

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