Monday, October 27, 2008

Geo What?

Travel Bug.
If you know what these terms are you have probably been geocaching or know someone who has. I've only been geocaching twice in my life, and I have to say it was great fun. I have an online friend who is big into geocaching and so I've heard quite a bit about it. He has several caches he's put together in Colorado and some travel bugs that have travelled not only all over the USA but to other countries as well.
If you don't know what geocaching is, basically it's a treasure hunt game that is played with the aid of a GPS (global positioning system) and people all over the world, from children to the elderly seem to enjoy it. You can find a cache with the help of your GPS, you can also place a cache for others to find. A cache is basically a container you hide somewhere for another geocacher to find, pinpointing it's location using your GPS and then sharing it's existence and location online for other geocachers . is the official Global GPS cache hunt site. Once on the site you simply type in the zip code of the area in which you wish to look for a cache. Choose a cache from the list, enter the coordinates for the geocache into your GPS unit, then go out and have a blast trying to find it! Once you find it, there will be a logbook inside the container. Some caches have little trinkets you can take or trade, a camera to take a photo of yourself and the others in your party, and some have what is known as a travel bug. A travel bug is basically a tag that is attached to an item for instance a little stuffed bear. It normally has instructions such as it wishes to travel to several countries or wishes to travel to a specific location. If you take a travel bug from a cache you should track that as well online and not hold on to it too long so it has a chance of reaching it's destination. It's interesting to see online where a travel bug has been and the route it takes to reach its destination.
There are many different variations of geocaches including a single cache which is at minimum a log book inside a tupperware container, ammo box, or other waterproof container. There is multi-caches which normally ends up with a physical container at the end, usually with the first cache giving you hints as to finding the second cache, etc. There are virtual caches, mega event caches, even Cache in Trash Out events which is basically a clean up litter along the trails and dispose of it event!
No matter where in the world you are, you can enjoy this hobby/sport. Some caches require a lot of exercise, some require minimal exercise, so it's a great hobby for anyone! If you already enjoy geocaching or know someone that does, check out these awesome geocaching design T-shirts and ties and hats from Mainstreet Shirt Gifts And T-shirts, a member of Union Eight. They make great Christmas gifts too for the geocacher you know!

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