Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brrr, yea it's here!

Brrr! I've got the chills. It's only 43 degrees right now, and I was outside walking today when the temperature literally dropped from the 60s to the 40s. What started out as a leisurely walk on an autumn evening in the 60s quickly turned into a power walk back to the van we drove to the nature trail with, temperature now in the 40s. It was a beautiful walk though all in all. The colors of the season were everywhere. The red maple leaves, the golden orange oak leaves, the yellow aspens and the white birch bark left a pallette in my memory I shall not soon forget. I love this time of year, the air so crisp, the sound of geese as they fly over, the beautiful colors, the world seems to slow down in anticipation of the long winter ahead.
And so now, with a bit of chill in the air I'm browsing online and sipping on a cup of coffee with vanilla Coffeemate. Yum! I came across these cute shoes at Shoes For You that are perfect for wearing this time of year! They're made by Keds so you know they're comfy and made well!
I also found this cute coffee mug at Christmas Mug Gifts which has tons of mugs for every day and for Christmas too. This one is so cute for coffee lovers like myself!

No Coffee, No Function Stick Figure Coffee Bean mug

No Coffee, No Function Stick Figure Coffee Bean
You can change the mug style on the spot, if for instance you don't want the red inside, you can have it plain, or you can have it green, black, or any of a number of other colors as well as on a travel mug or frosted glass mug in several mug sizes! You can even add your name! Easy to customize, ready to order in seconds!

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