Monday, October 06, 2008

Kids Love to Cook

As a mom and grandma, I know that kids love helping out in the kitchen, especially with the cooking and baking. I have also found that if it's something they love, like pizza, they enjoy it even more! Who doesn't love pizza? There are so many varieties of pizza now, the days of the classic cheese or pepperoni and sausage are gone. Now you can find everything from spinach and chicken, to breakfast pizza, to cinnamon swirl pizza! Personally I love them all.
But, seeing I am constantly trying to watch my fats I admit to not ordering pizza nearly as much as I'd like to. Making your own homemade pizza gives you better control over what goes on it, and how much fat goes into it. And, if you have kids or grandchildren who love to cook and who love to eat pizza, it's also a fun activity to do together!
Pillsbury makes refrigerated pizza dough in a can that you can easily roll out and press onto a baking sheet. How simple and quick, and it's not bad tasting either! Your child will have a blast adding the sauce, sprinkling the cheese, adding the pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, whatever you decide to put on it. And you can substitute turkey pepperoni for regular to cut down on the fat, or make an all veggie pizza using low fat cheese. Healthier for you, healthier for your child too! Another thing you can do with the Pillsbury dough is cut circles with a round cookie cutter and make mini pizzas. This is fun to do with several children as each has total control over what goes on their own pizzas!
Kids who love baking and cooking and love eating pizza will delight in wearing one of these cute aprons and Tshirts from CHEF T-SHIRTS AND GIFTS . These cute Chef's Helper aprons are available with both pink and blue designs and would make a lovely Christmas present, especially if you add the makings for pizza and a promise to get together for an evening of making and eating pizza together!

Cute Little Chef Helper shirt
Don't forget the Pizza Lover Tee, available in many styles and colors!

Pizza Lover Kids T-shirt shirt

Pizza Lover Kids T-shirt

These designs are also available on magnets, tote bags, T-shirts for adults, and a whole lot of other cool items! Check out the other awesome chef designs as well at CHEF T-SHIRTS AND GIFTS!

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