Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fix

This is an absolutely true tale. My son loved his wallet. He loved it so much he didn't want to get a new one. It was his favorite wallet ever! But alas, this much beloved wallet had seen it's days and was falling apart at the seams, and I do mean every seam. My son had this ingenious thought one day that proved to me he had become a man. He duct taped his wallet together! I wish I had taken photos of it, I'd love to show you this wallet. Nowhere was there any semblance of it actually, at one time, having been a real leather wallet. It was totally covered, inside and out, with duct tape. He had designed perhaps the first duct tape wallet. Or had he? I mean, let's face it, men do love the stuff and he probably wasn't the first or only male walking around with a duct tape wallet. In fact, his dad was a bit the same in that it was a staple tool to have around the house. We all love duct tape for certain things, but there are times it just should not be used! Duct tape is perfectly fine to tape wires down out of the way. Duct tape is not fine to use as a big bandaid. Duct tape is OK to roll into a ball and use it for a hockey puck (ball?). Duct tape is not OK to use for reattaching the car's rearview mirror, to use as a ski binding, or to patch the hole in the canoe. There are a lot of people who believe duct tape can fix anything. I'm not one of those people. For those who "believe", Cowpie Creek has the perfect T-shirt for you!

Cowpie Creek has some other really funny T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, and other items as well. Here's a couple more I found funny, hope you do too!

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